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National Chairman says thank you

Friday July 1, 2005

On behalf of Australian Red Cross, I wish to sincerely thank the hundreds of thousands of Australians who so generously gave to our annual Red Cross Calling Appeal. Thank you to those who gave at their door, on the street, and to the record numbers of Australians who made their donation to Red Cross Calling securely online through this website.

Given many Australians have only recently given so generously in support of the victims of the Asian tsunamis our $7.1 million Red Cross Calling total is evidence that people also value and support the emergency and community services provided by Australian Red Cross in our own communities.

Programs that provide children with a nutritious breakfast before school to keep them alert and learning for instance; daily telephone calls to thousands of elderly and isolated people to ensure that they are safe and well; and educational programs that address drug and alcohol issues with our youth.

Finally, the Red Cross Calling Appeal is a massive logistical exercise that would not be possible without the efforts of around 150,000 unpaid volunteers, who freely give their time to knock on doors and rattle tins at intersections and shopping centres. Thanks must also go to the volunteer local area coordinators, municipal councils and state and local governments who provide support leading up to and during the Appeal.

Of course, it is never too late to make a donation to Red Cross Calling securely online at

Greg Vickery
Australian Red Cross