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More volunteers sent to help Moree recover

A team of trained volunteers has arrived in Moree to assist people as the clean-up begins.

Tuesday February 7, 2012

The town centre of Moree indundated by floodwaters. Photo: Wolter Peeters/AAP

Red Cross volunteers will be at the Moree Recovery Centre and visiting people's homes to provide practical information, emotional support, and help link people with support services so they can begin their recovery process.

"Cleaning up after a flood can be a daunting task as so many aspects of people's lives have been uprooted. We know from research and experience that the impacts of floods on people's health, wellbeing and their relationships can often be hidden," said Di Jay, Executive Director, Red Cross in NSW.

"Our volunteers provide invaluable information and advice to make the recovery process clearer and less complicated. Over the next few weeks our team of volunteers will be out in the streets and going door to door to check on people's welfare and wellbeing."

This is the second time Moree has experienced flooding in the last four months.

"Red Cross had volunteers on the ground last time, we're back again this time, and we will stay for the long haul," said Ms Jay.

"We will work with the community through the recovery process, which can be a long, complex and tiring process, but also focus on emergency preparedness, so this resilient community can be even more resilient in the face of disasters."

"We will start by recruiting and training a team of local volunteers who will be at the ready to support their community during these stressful times."

Red Cross is distributing a range of useful resources that provide tips on cleaning up after an emergency, dealing with wind and water damage, coping with a major personal crisis and helping children and young people cope with crisis. All of these resources are available online or at the Moree Recovery Centre, located in the Banquet Hall, Moree Plain Town Hall.

To support Red Cross emergency services work in helping people and communities prepare, respond and recover from natural disasters, please donate to Disaster Relief and Recovery.


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