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Membership on the rise as Red Cross turns 100

Red Cross membership is going strong-growing and changing to reflect a modern Australia

Monday October 27, 2014

Red Cross membership:  100 and going strong
A group hug at the recent centenary showcase in Brisbane with volunteer Amina Salehi, honorary life member Win Smith and Young Centre coordinator Charlotte Hodges. Credit: Australian Red Cross/Greg Goebel

100 years on, membership is still at the core of Australian Red Cross' supporter base.

In 2014, Red Cross saw an 8 percent increase in membership, despite recent studies showing a decline in membership for member based organisations.

Our membership base stands at  19,910, up from last year's total of 18,448 members. This was the first time in many years we have seen such a significant growth, with growth in our Independent and Youth Membership categories that saw an increase of 110% of members aged under 30 years.

The Centenary Year has focused on  celebrating and recognising members, with many Branches conducting events and activities in their local communities.  The increased communication and engagement with members has resulted in a membership base that is informed, aware and part of the great Australian story. 

Branch membership continues to be our largest cohort, representing 68% of our membership base.  Members play varied and diverse roles and are a major contributor to our fundraising efforts. Last financial year they raised over $3 million  to support our everyday work helping the most vulnerable people, with a mix of local and national campaigns, such as Red Cross Call in March and Big Cake Bake in August. 

Our membership base must keep growing to reflect the diversity of this country. As we enter into our second century of humanitarian service, we are looking to the next generation of young people to carry on the proud legacy forged by  millions of Red Cross members.

People join Red Cross for a variety of reasons, and the flexibility our membership model enables members to choose the level of involvement they have with Red Cross. One thing all our members can do, if they choose, is participate in the annual elections to appoint our Board members.   Another great benefit of membership is discounts at our Red Cross shops.

Some of the ways you can get involved as a member:

  • Be a Red Cross Champion - If you don't have time to actively be involved, you can simply join as a member, read our e-newsletter or attend our AGM if you wish. 
  • Be a virtual supporter - Follow us on facebook, twitter, join in the conversation and share our stories with your online network. 
  • Join or create a branch/group - meet regularly with like-minded people to share friendship, plan events, and learn about Red Cross together.
  • Volunteer with local programs - you might want to become an Emergency Services volunteer, work in a Red Cross Shop, call older people living alone to check on their wellbeing, or volunteer with any of the range of programs Red Cross provides.
  • Hold fundraisers - get a group of friends together to raise money for our vital work. Join in the Big Cake Bake in August, or Red Cross Calling in March, or come up with your own creative way to fundraise anytime of the year.


If you want to become part of the world's largest humanitarian Movement, you can join Red Cross online  or call our friendly team on 1800 811 700.