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Meet our new CEO Judy Slatyer

From the world of telcos, start ups, travel and a global conservation organisation, Judy Slatyer is excited to join us as CEO this month.

Friday March 18, 2016

Judy Slatyer joins Australian Red Cross as CEO this month.

With a career that's spanned leading roles in corporate Australia as well as an international not for profit, Judy Slatyer is joining another organisation that aligns with her core values. |

"What excites me about Australian Red Cross is that I have a firm belief in the importance of inclusive communities, where everybody has a role and a place and feels part of something bigger. I love working in organisations that are very on the ground, very hands-on, in this case helping people, helping communities, helping to make change."

In her first few days, Judy has had the chance to witness our people in action. Taking phone calls at the Supporter Services Centre during the Tropical Cyclone Winston appeal, she was blown away by not only the incredible generosity of Australians but also the passion and dedication of Red Cross people volunteers, members and staff all working together.

"When you look at the results that came out of that day you realise that Australians are deeply compassionate and you see how much can be pulled together in just one day to support people in desperate need. I was also extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and the detailed planning that had gone into what was an amazing team effort" she said.

Another thing that Judy finds fascinating about Red Cross is the unique mix of local and global issues it deals with and its unparalleled reach.

"What excites me most is the great work that Australian Red Cross does on the ground, with communities, but also the ability to look at all of that and push for a broader outcome at the national or even international level.  And so I love that mix of local to national, or local to global."

Judy honed her leadership and business skills early in her career, rising to the position of Chief of Consumer Sales at Telstra and then leader of the world's leading travel publisher Lonely Planet. Fast forward half a decade and she decided to take her corporate talent to the not-for-profit sector, working as Chief Operating Officer of the world's largest conservation organisation Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Geneva.

All these experiences will help her work at Red Cross, she says. So what's her biggest learning? "I think the number one would be the importance of working with communities, from the ground up, in a way which creates a bigger more impactful change."

Looking to the future and shaping the Red Cross of tomorrow is one of Judy's biggest tasks. In an increasingly complex world, with unprecedented environmental, political and technological changes, Judy believes that Red Cross has a key role to play.

"I think there is a unique place for organisations like Red Cross to help shape and adapt to many of the shifts underway and to bring a human perspective. There are not many organisations that are going to be talking about what humanity looks like in a future world when we're facing big trends."

In her first couple of months, Judy will get to know Red Cross from the ground up, meeting people around the country. "I'm out there learning, talking to people, understanding what we do and hearing from everybody about what they want to keep, what they think we should change, and just getting to know the place." Read Judy Slatyer's full bio  to learn more about her.