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Earthquake injures hundreds in India and Bangladesh

Red Cross volunteers are treating injured people after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit north-eastern India.

Tuesday January 5, 2016

Earthquake damage in Manipur
The 6.7 magnitude earthquake brought down several buildings. Photo: IFRC

People fled into the pre-dawn darkness in terror when a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck in India on 4 January.  

While the quake's epicentre was north-eastern India, near Manipur, its effects were felt as far away as Bangladesh and Myanmar.  

More than eight deaths have been confirmed so far, with well over 200 people injured as homes and buildings collapsed.  

Red Cross and Red Crescent teams in India and Bangladesh have been working with the public authorities to evacuate injured people from damaged buildings and provide first aid.  

Indian Red Cross is warning people not to return to damaged homes until the risk of aftershocks subsides.  

"People are understandably panicky, " said Dr Y Mohan Singh of the Manipur branch of Indian Red Cross. "Unfortunately many people were injured by falling debris so we recommend staying away from buildings in case there are aftershocks."  

Indian Red Cross is sending tents and kitchen sets to help evacuated families cope, and will organise further aid depending on damage assessments.

No international assistance has been requested at this stage.  

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