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Leaders sign up to humanitarian values

Parliamentary leaders sign an historic record supporting the work of Red Cross.

Monday May 7, 2012

(l-r) Nationals leader Warren Truss; Australian Greens leader Sen. Christine Milne; Joan Hughes; Graham Perrett MP; Bruce Scott MP; Jane Prentice MP; Opposition leader Tony Abbott; Prime Minister Julia Gillard; Robert Tickner and Michael Legge.

As we celebrate World Red Cross Day this week (May 8), the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, National Party Leader Warren Truss and the Leader of the Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne have all joined forces today to support the humanitarian values and work of Red Cross.

At a celebration to launch the Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross this morning, the three leaders signed an historic record recognising the support of all political parties for the work of Red Cross.

Chief Executive of Australian Red Cross, Robert Tickner welcomed the gesture.

"The strong support given to Australian Red Cross today by our parliamentary friends shows that support for the Red Cross Movement comes from people of all political persuasions," said Mr Tickner.

"Red Cross is an impartial and neutral humanitarian organisation and we are able to unite people behind our humanitarian ideas.

"The Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross comprises members of all parties as well as independent representatives from the Australian Parliament; more than eighty have already signed up and that number is growing."

The President of Red Cross and its chief volunteer Michael Legge, a Tasmanian farmer said, "This group now has a unique capacity to help us with our everyday work in the community, to raise matters of concern and to educate the public on a range of humanitarian principles.

"We hope our parliamentary friends will show their support by encouraging volunteering and helping to spread information about the work of Red Cross in the community.

"While Australian Red Cross is strictly neutral and impartial at all times, we seek to build strong links with elected members of Parliament in Canberra and in every Parliament in Australia," said Mr Legge.

Australian Red Cross is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world.

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