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Kiama runs for Red Cross

A group of dedicated and tenacious members has held their third and most successful Fun Run.

Friday June 24, 2016

In 2014, a small group of members in the picturesque NSW coastal town of Kiama wanted to try something different to commemorate 100 years of Red Cross in Australia. The Kiama Fun Run was born.

Three years down the track it has become a part of community life, with the town coming together to cheer on participants, many having a go themselves. It's all in the spirit of raising funds for the everyday work of Red Cross in the community.

This month, Branch members were delighted to see the most successful Kiama Fun Run so far, with 330 entrants (up from 168 in 2014), raising $7,000.

"We had people of all ages participating, there were people with prams, there was a category with dogs, and of course we had the serious walkers and the serious runners," said Judi O'Brien, treasurer of the Kiama Red Cross Branch. 

"It's a run where all people can participate and have fun."

The secret to the event's success is the dedication of the members. The Branch is made up of about 25 members, some who have been members for over fifty years, others for only a few.

"We've formed fantastic friendships with each other. We're a motivated group where people are all willing to work in whatever capacity they can."

Judi said she felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment on the day. "It's an absolute thrill. There's a fair bit of work to be done before the event but it's very worthwhile. It's really brought Red Cross to the fore in the community."

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