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Red Cross supports evacuations as Hurricane Patricia lashes Mexico

As the impact of the Category 5 cyclone is felt, Red Cross volunteers are reaching out with humanitarian aid to those in need.

Saturday October 24, 2015

Mexican Red Cross
Mexican Red Cross volunteers prepare emergency relief kits as Hurricane Patricia approaches. Photo courtesy Mexican Red Cross.

Hurricane Patricia, described as the strongest storm ever to hit the Western Hemisphere, has made landfall in Mexico.  

Torrential rains and major damage are expected as the storm moves through the country with reports of winds up to 270km per hour.  

Mexican Red Cross has been preparing for the hurricane for several days. A truck carrying 30,000kg of aid supplies is ready in the state of Colima to help affected people, while 18 emergency response units - including ambulances - are in place around Puerto Vallarta.  

More than 500 Mexican Red Cross volunteers have joined the relief effort. In the coming hours and days, they will provide first aid and assist with relief distributions, shelter assistance and damage assessments.  

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement stands ready to assist.  

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