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Tuesday February 17, 2015

Humanitarian is full of original stories, images and videos from across Australia and overseas

At Red Cross, we believe in second chances and celebrating successes.

In this issue we meet Joseph Lynch, a small business owner and familiar sight in his rural Queensland town.   Joseph has struggled with mental health problems and spent many years homeless and wandering along Australia's east coast.    

After a brief period in prison, he sought help from Red Cross to overcome the difficulties he faced and turn over a new leaf. Things are now going so well that he's planning his first holiday in many years. Find out how he got there.  

While we love the summer sunshine, we're also on guard against emergencies during the hotter months. The damage done in bushfires, floods and cyclones extends far beyond the impact on property - these stressful experiences can also leave their mark on people.   We take a look at how Red Cross provides psychological first aid during and after emergency situations, and why this approach is so important.  

We also look back on Cyclone Tracy after 40 years and revisit some photos from our archives showing how we helped the people of Darwin during this catastrophic event.      

Cyclone Tracy

Red Cross volunteers rushed to answer enquiries and reconnect separated people after Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day, 1974. Credit: Australian Red Cross  


Typhoon Haiyan was another hard-hitting disaster, but a little more than a year since the typhoon occurred, we're happy to see so many families regaining a sense of normality. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and donors, Red Cross has helped 100,000 people to rebuild their homes.  Take a glimpse into those houses and meet the resilient people who live there through stunning photographs and video.  

From going on a camp with a group of Aboriginal young people, to stepping into an Ebola treatment centre, and finding out how Red Cross helped to save the lives of both an elderly man and a young woman - join us as we mark another chapter in the vital everyday work of Red Cross.  

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