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Helping Indonesian earthquake survivors

Red Cross teams are providing care for people affected by a major earthquake in Aceh, northern Indonesia.

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Buildings destroyed in the earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia. Photo: Indonesian Red Cross

Following the earthquake, dozens of buildings have been destroyed. While the impact is still being assessed, more than 100 have died, and many more have been trapped in the rubble. The number of casualties is expected to increase. 

Many houses, schools, mosques and other buildings have collapsed and electricity and telecommunications infrastructure in the area has been damaged.

Indonesian Red Cross has activated 60 emergency response teams and six ambulances and volunteers are now rescuing injured people and searching for survivors.

Staff and volunteers are working in mobile health clinics to provide medical care to the injured.

Indonesian Red Cross has sent 500 family kits, 500 hygiene kits,1000 blankets and 1000 tarpaulins to the worst affected communities and more teams are on their way to help communities access clean water and sanitation.

To help in times of emergency

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