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Gift that keeps giving

Friday June 1, 2007

Last chance to lower your tax liability with a donation to Red Cross

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, however many people leave tax planning to the last minute. Australian Red Cross today urged people to consider last-minute tax return advantages by getting in the giving mood.

Red Cross NSW Executive Director, Lewis Kaplan, encouraged people to make an end-of-year contribution to Red Cross and write off the donations on this year's tax return.

'Too few taxpayers take advantage of this. Many people are simply unaware that such donations are tax deductible.

'There's still time to plan a gift-giving strategy that will help minimise your tax liability,' he said.

'Donors reap the benefits of a tax deduction in addition to knowing they are helping vulnerable people in our community,' Mr Kaplan said.

'Your donation will help give comfort and support to disaster victims after they have lost everything, reassure elderly people all over Australia that someone cares with a daily phone call and reunite families who are torn apart by war. These are just a few examples of how Red Cross uses your donations.'

Every donation over $2 to Red Cross is tax deductible and helps fund humanitarian work to support vulnerable people in Australia and internationally.

To make a donation follow the links below.