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Free Tsunami curriculum pack for teachers

Monday January 24, 2005

Leading aid agencies have teamed up with educators and the government to develop a Tsunami Education Kit for primary and secondary teachers.

The kit, produced by World Vision, Australian Red Cross and AusAID, in collaboration with and the Australian Council for Educational Research, is now available online at no charge.

World Vision Australia's Chief Executive Tim Costello said, 'We have been contacted by many teachers who are concerned about the effects the media coverage of the tsunami is having on children in Australia. The Tsunami Education Kit will provide teachers with information which places the disaster in the context of broader global issues.'

Costello added, 'The countries affected by the Boxing Day tsunami are among the most vulnerable in the world. The Asia earthquake has meant that the countries affected have become so much greater in our consciousness, and the plight of the tsunami victims has hit at the very core of our hearts'.

Dale Cleaver, Acting Secretary General of the Australian Red Cross, said, 'The Tsunami Education Kit will include details of the response by NGOs and the Australian government to the disaster, and background on key issues relating to children, aid, trade and debt, including ways in which young people themselves might make a difference'.

The kit will be available on the following websites: