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5 ways to declutter your closet for a cause

Celebrity stylist and Red Cross ambassador Alex van Os has some tips.

Tuesday June 7, 2016

Celebrity stylist and Red Cross ambassador Alex van Os.

Is your closet looking way too cosy as winter sets in? Can't find your scarves for the coats? Don't panic, take a deep breath - celebrity stylist, op shop aficionado and our ambassador Alex van Os has some tips to take you from overwhelmed to Om.

This year Alex, an advocate for sustainable fashion, is supporting our winter woollies campaign. This winter, we are asking everyone to be a superhero by donating their unwanted warm and woolly clothes. Our op shops can sell these items to raise money to support our work around Australia and overseas.

Here are Alex's top five declutter tips to help you streamline your wardrobe and find things you can donate:

1. Three ways

If you find a piece you absolutely love but haven't worn in a while, try styling it at least three different ways and snap some photos on your phone. Then when that 'I don't know what to wear' moment pops up, you'll have three outfits already planned.

If you can't make at least three outfits, it's time for it to go. But someone else may give it a second life - why not donate it to a Red Cross Shop and spread the love?

2. Use the 'one year rule'

That vintage bolero may be fabulous, but when was the last time you wore it? Was it last year or the year before? If you were shopping right now, would you still buy it? If you haven't worn it for a year then it's time to ditch it.

3. Organisation is key

Roll up your sleeves. Go through every section of your wardrobe from socks to sunglasses to swimmers. Pull out those poor, forlorn pieces shoved up the back of your shelves and empty your overflowing drawers.

Make a donate pile and a keep pile. Put the surviving items away neatly, grouping by colour and category, so you'll know exactly where everything is. And head down to your nearest op shop to donate those that didn't make the cut.

4. One in, one out

After decluttering your wardrobe to a manageable size, you'll want to keep it that way. So if you bring something new into the mix, you must remove an existing piece - one in, one out.

It's not about fast fashion: buying something new, wearing it only once, then chucking it out and repeating. It's about making clearer and smarter decisions.

5. 10 minutes a week

Once you've got your wardrobe under control, try to commit 10 minutes each week to make sure everything is hanging in its right place. By taking a little time each weekend you can save hours of overwhelming decluttering later.

Alex has worked with celebrities from singer Ricky Martin to the cast of Home and Away, to contestants of The Bachelor. Find Alex on Instagram at Op Shop to Runway.

The money raised from your old donated clothes will help people in need, so you get to feel twice as good. Find your nearest Red Cross op shop and find out more.