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Cyclone Pam moves closer to Vanuatu - Red Cross stands ready

As Tropical Cyclone Pam moves from Solomon Islands towards Vanuatu and Fiji, our Red Cross colleagues are mobilising their emergency teams and relief supplies.

Thursday March 12, 2015

Photo: NZRC
A Solomon Islands Red Cross volunteer at work. Photo: Jane Ussher/NZRC

The cyclone is currently moving south to waters between Vanuatu and Fiji. It is expected to intensify from Category Three to Category Five, bringing storm surges to outlying islands in Vanuatu.  

In the lead-up to cyclone season, Red Cross has been training local disaster response teams across the Pacific as well as stocking relief supplies and ensuring that disaster preparedness plans and evacuation procedures are in place.  

Vanuatu Red Cross is coordinating with government authorities and establishing contact points with outer islands likely to experience the brunt of the cyclone.  

Solomon Islands is currently experiencing heavy rain and rough seas. A small Red Cross emergency team has been activated and relief goods - including kitchen sets, sleeping mats and family hygiene kits - are ready to go if needed.  

Australian Red Cross is on standby to help anytime a disaster strikes in the region. We have a register of trained specialists in emergency response, shelter, health and sanitation, as well as equipment that can rapidly provide drinking water in emergency situations.  

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