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Cyclone Nathan: Red Cross launches Register.Find.Reunite.

Red Cross is urging north Queenslanders to sign up to Register.Find.Reunite. to help reconnect friends and families affected by Cyclone Nathan.

Thursday March 19, 2015

Cyclone Nathan is intensifying as it makes landfall. Photo: ABC

Cyclone Nathan is due to hit the far-north Queensland coast early Friday morning as a category 4 cyclone. Right now, before the cyclone comes any closer and while communications are still open, Red Cross is encouragingĀ  people in the Cooktown and Hopevale areas to pre-register with Register.Find.Reunite.

The service helps reconnect friends and families separated during a disaster and can be accessed on the Red Cross website atĀ from a computer or any mobile device.

Red Cross is strongly advising people in the area to ensure they and their families are prepared for the cyclone hitting land hard.

Being prepared can save lives; people who have prepared for a disaster often have more resilience and that can help them recover faster, both financially and emotionally.

Getting prepared involves four simple steps: knowing the risks in your area, making a plan, getting an emergency kit and knowing your neighbours. The last step is crucial-it gives you an instant support network-and people who know others in their community often cope better in the long term.

To help people prepare for this, or any emergency, Red Cross has a number of useful resources which can be downloaded for free at