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Cyclone Amos brings torrential rain to Samoa

Red Cross has relief supplies and emergency teams in place as Cyclone Amos sweeps through Samoa.

Sunday April 24, 2016

Samoa Red Cross volunteers
Samoa Red Cross volunteers prepare relief supplies for distribution. Photo: Samoa Red Cross

Reports of flooded roads and fallen trees are emerging as Cyclone Amos brings torrential rain to Samoa.  

The cyclone is currently category 3 and moving east-southeast. Samoa's main islands, Savai'i and Upolu, are experiencing heavy rain, and the Samoa Met Service has warned people to expect flooding, landslides and flying debris.  Flooding is also expected in the capital, Apia, if the river flushes debris upstream.

Samoa Red Cross has been preparing for the worst. Six warehouses are full of pre-positioned relief supplies, including tarpaulins and tools for emergency shelter, water containers, kitchen items and hurricane lanterns.  

Fifty trained emergency response volunteers are on standby to help with evacuations, search and rescue and other relief activities. Across the country, more volunteers have been helping their communities prepare for the cyclone and are providing regular reports on conditions in their areas.  

The Secretary-General of Samoa Red Cross, Lolofi Namalauulu Tautala Mauala, says that the volunteer workforce is ready to help with whatever is needed.  

"It is expected that more than 30 volunteers will be involved in providing first aid in the community. A team of volunteers has already contacted some regular blood donors who are willing and available to give blood if this is needed."  

In the capital, Apia, five possible sites have been identified for evacuation centres and a small team of volunteers is on hand to help set up and administer the centres if required. Preparations are also being made to carry out water treatment in two locations.    

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