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Australian Red Cross support for families released from detention facilities

Thursday July 28, 2005

Australian Red Cross (ARC) is assisting in the support of families cared for in the community under the Australian government's new residence determination provisions.

ARC has been working with people in detention centres and has supported asylum seekers in the community for more than 13 years, helping them meet essential needs such as living expenses and health care support.

Our role in relation to families and individuals released from detention facilities is an extension of that support. We have been and will continue to work directly with detainees to determine their needs and to develop a care plan with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) to meet those needs.

With the support of non-government organisations ARC is coordinating help with housing, living expenses, health care, education, transport and community support.

ARC's fundamental principles require us to work with all vulnerable people, regardless of race, religion and immigration status. Our focus is solely on ensuring people are treated humanely and have appropriate care and support.

The government and DIMIA retain full responsibility for detention compliance, security, visa and status assessments and other legal provisions.