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Spare human life in eastern Aleppo

We call on all parties in eastern Aleppo to protect civilians.

Wednesday December 14, 2016

SARC team in Aleppo
Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams are working hard to help Aleppo's families to survive and cope. Photo: SARC

Thousands of civilians are in grave danger in the final moments of the battle in eastern Aleppo.  

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) urges all parties to consider the fate of those trapped and do their utmost to spare them.  

The ICRC has been in touch with all sides to find a humanitarian solution that could prevent further human suffering.

For the sake of civilians, the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent remain committed to act as a neutral and impartial humanitarian intermediary.

"We appeal to the parties to put humanity ahead of military objectives," said Marian Gassser, head of the ICRC delegation in Syria. 

"We stand ready to oversee the implementation of any mutual agreement that puts civilians first. We cannot urge this strongly enough: this must happen now."

We're doing all we can to help Syria's families survive and cope. We need your help. Donate here.