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Celebrity chef Adrian Richardson visits Red Cross breakfast club

Where does celebrity chef Adrian Richardson recommend for a great breakfast?

Wednesday May 25, 2016

Celebrity chef and Red Cross ambassador Adrian Richardson saw first hand the fun and impact of a Red Cross breakfast club. He got up early and joined children, teachers and Red Cross volunteers at a local primary school.

"I don't like getting up early in the morning," said Adrian. "But believe me I think it's really worth it. Kids having breakfast in the morning and they're so happy and cheerful, it does a great job."

Red Cross provides breakfast to around 5000 children a year through clubs around Australia. One in seven kids goes to school without breakfast which means they don't have the energy to concentrate in class and are missing out on essential nutrients for growth and development.

Principal Taylor told Adrian that the impact of the breakfast club has been huge. "We find the children are much more alert, much more ready to learn," she told him. "They're not falling asleep, they're not getting as easily distracted in the classroom. Their attention span is greater and I think that's really due to them having the energy that breakfast gives them."

Adrian was impressed with the change a breakfast club can make. "Something as simple as giving them a good breakfast can make a huge difference," he said.

Trish also told Adrian about the broader impact of the breakfast club. "It's really important for us as it brings other people into our school community," explained Trish. "The volunteers are generally young vibrant men and women. They come here before they go off to work. It just gives the children a new perspective on what life's like outside."

The work of the Red Cross breakfast clubs will be featured in the Big Cake Bake campaign taking place October. Adrian is getting behind the campaign to encourage people to bake and raise funds for Red Cross programs like the breakfast clubs. "You eat a piece of cake with friends and raise money for a fantastic cause," he said. "What could be wrong with that?!"

Adrian said that being able to lend a hand to support Red Cross programs was really rewarding. "I'm actually humbled," he said. "There are so many people doing such a great job and I can do my little bit as well."