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Celebrate You!

World Red Cross Day and National Volunteer Week

Thank you to all our volunteers, members and staff for the action you take to make our society stronger, more connected and a better place to live.

Your acts of kindness, from reaching out to an older person who lives alone to check that they're ok, to holding a fundraiser at your local shopping centre, to spending a day of your week helping run a Red Cross shop, create a place where people feel supported and included.

You exemplify the Red Cross fundamental principles of humanity and voluntary service, and inspire others to help each other and take action for good.

This year World Red Cross Day coincides with the beginning of National Volunteer Week, so our theme for both of these calendar events is Celebrate you. We recognise and value the dedication of Red Cross people, and the impact they have on the communities they are part of. Thanks for all that you do - you are superheroes!

Take action with us. Become a volunteer, call 1800 833 489 or visit