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National Blood Donor Week 2015

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Celebrate blood donors 26 July-1 August

You may feel like you're just an ordinary Australian, but you can still achieve extraordinary things. In fact, every blood donation you make can save three lives.

This year Australian Red Cross is celebrating National Blood Donor Week from 26 July-1 August 2015. It's one of the ways we support the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to increase awareness of blood donation, along with being part of the Blood Service's group donation program, Red25 and allowing our staff time off to donate blood.

This annual celebration is to thank Australia's 490,000-plus blood donors for the incredible contribution they make to the community. Over the past year, blood donors like Zac, a beekeeper from Bendigo, have made 1.4 million life-saving donations - that's extraordinary!

One in three of all the people you know, from workmates to friends and loved ones, will need blood in their lifetime. You may never know those who've received the gift of blood donations, but you can be sure that your support changes lives.

For more information about blood donation or to make an appointment, call 13 14 95 or visit