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Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs

Myanmar is emerging from over 50 years of military rule. Health infrastructure is still weak in this nation of 60 million people, wedged between Thailand and Bangladesh.

The country has a high rate of HIV and rates of drug-resistant malaria and tuberculosis are also among the highest in the world.

Australian Red Cross is working with Myanmar Red Cross in Mandalay, Magway and Bago, to help communities prevent and respond to health risks and disasters through humanitarian aid and development programs.

Improving health

We are helping communities and schools to improve water supply and toilet facilities, as well as providing practical health resources such as first aid kids, snake anti-venom and mosquito nets.

Health education and care will remain a focus of our work, given our capacity to reach the most vulnerable communities through the network of local Red Cross branches.

Reconnecting families

In partnership with Myanmar Red Cross, we are supporting a humanitarian service that helps families separated by disasters and other emergencies to re-establish contact.

See how Ma Than's family discovered the fate of their long-lost daughter. Read story.

Strengthening Red Cross

A strong and well-resourced National Society is the best way to reach the most vulnerable people across a country. Australian Red Cross and Myanmar Red Cross are committed to learning from each other and sharing resources, systems, methodologies and best practice.



Photos: Myanmar Red Cross, IFRC

Connecting families

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