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Aged care services for older people

Social support and aged care.

Joyce, whome Red Cross calls every day to check on her wellbeing, as part of our Telecross aged care service.
Red Cross calls Joyce every day to check on her wellbeing, giving her confidence to remain independent in her own home.

Red Cross wants to support you to be more independent, to improve your wellbeing and social connection, and to remain living in your local community.

Our social support and aged care services provide a range of support to older people. You can be matched one-on-one with a friend, receive regular caring welfare calls, be driven to appointments, be provided with a personal alarm or be delivered a healthy meal. We can also support you to access appropriate housing and care.

You can access many of these services through the Federal Government's My Aged Care portal.

Learn more about our aged care services and how we can support you.

Companionship and social support

A phone call each day to check you're ok



Personal alarms

For more information about accessing My Aged Care funded Red Cross services please send us a message using the contact form below.