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Moomba Birdman Rally

Help the Red Cross Birdman soar

The iconic Moomba Birdman Rally is back on March 9 for another year of splashes, thrills, and spills as everyday Melbournians dress to impress, and flap to fly, or flop into the Yarra, all in the name of charity.

Red Cross is excited to be one of three charity partners for the event, and one of only sixteen birdmen daring to 'fly the Yarra'. Red Cross' very own high-flyer Joel will be stepping into the Bird Arena and 'flying' for humanity!

The Challenge

Each participant must create a 'flying contraption' in the Hawk class, or dress up in a costume in the Penguin class, jump off a 4m platform, and attempt to fly across the Yarra River.

To give him an extra boost, Red Cross birdman Joel will be awarded a much needed extra metre to his flight distance for every $100 raised over $500.

The birdman who has the biggest total flying distance, including these extra fundraising metres, will be the overall charity jackpot winner. All funds raised will go towards Red Cross. 

Visit the Red Cross Birdman fundraising page and donate now to help Joel win the charity jackpot for Red Cross!       

Celebrating 100 years of people helping people

As we celebrate 100 years of people helping people, Red Cross' vital work is still as crucial as ever. Through your support this year, we hope to inspire a new generation of Australian's to join Red Cross in making a difference to the lives of those who need it most.

Red Cross' work is focused on improving lives and reducing vulnerability, including providing 750,000 nutritious breakfasts each year to school children who go without, making daily phone calls to the elderly who are isolated in their homes, and providing relief to families and communities in times of disaster.

Visit the Red Cross Birdman fundraising page and donate now to help Joel win the charity jackpot for Red Cross!