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And then I was a refugee ...


Opening in a small village in West Somalia, the first decision to make is, whose path will you follow, Hani or Samaan? Their home and village has been destroyed and they are on the run. And then I was a refugee… asks you to make choices throughout your journey such as "join the rebels to stay alive" or "steal water from a village", en route to refugee camps in Kenya and Malta.

And then I was a refugee… is based on the research and insights of experienced Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers as well as international development organisations. It highlights some very real scenarios faced by people from refugee backgrounds including hunger and dehydration, tribal links, insecurity, people smuggling and endless queues.

Our goal is to demystify the refugee experience and show people that this is a crisis millions of people find themselves in today. To add even more to the authenticity we have included stories and photos of people who have had a refugee experience and are now settled in Australia.

Each year, millions of people are forced to flee their homes for fear of war, famine, natural disasters, drought, persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, social background or their political opinions. At Australian Red Cross we aim to promote diversity and combat intolerance and discrimination, as well as offer an insight into the journeys that people from refugee backgrounds must take to find safety for themselves and their families.

And then I was a refugee… is free and supports both Apple and Android tablets and phones and is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

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