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Mental health training

Mental Health Matters

This training was designed by Red Cross for businesses wanting to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health and illness in the workplace and knowing how to provide support, benefits employees and can lead to a more productive business.

Providing support for people with mental health conditions encourages openness and bring out the best in their people. By actively promoting good mental health, businesses can attract and also retain quality employees. 

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Mental Health First Aid

This mental health first aid course is designed for adults (18 years and over) who may work or have regular contact with adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.

The philosophy behind the course is that mental health crises, such as suicidal and self-harming actions, may be avoided through early intervention. If a crisis does arise, members of the public can take action to reduce the harms that could result.

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