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Local heroes

Cliff Walker

Thousands of our valued members and volunteers don their red shirts, badges and caps and take to the streets knowing the work they do in March will go a long way. One of our stalwart volunteer campaigners is Cliff Baker from Monash, Victoria.

Cliff has been involved with Red Cross Calling for a number of years and works tirelessly to involve all the local schools in his area, mobilising potential Red Cross people for the future. In the lead up to Red Cross Calling, Cliff visits the schools to talk to students about the everyday and emergency work of Red Cross and then works with student volunteers to co-ordinate Red Cross Calling fundraising teams.

He then personally delivers fundraising kits to the schools involved, co-ordinates street collections and finally collects and banks all the money that they raise. Last year for Red Cross Calling, Cliff and his army of students raised over $44,000, an astonishing result inspired by one man's determination.