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Kenya water crisis- school lunch program

Lunch lures Kenyan kids back to school

As the drought bites in lower-eastern Kenya, and the country faces a water crisis, a Red Cross school lunch program is encouraging students to return to class, as many have withdrawn from school to help parents care for younger siblings, dwindling livestock and failing crops.

A school lunch program run by Kenya Red Cross is encouraging children to come back to school by providing supplementary feeding in 66 schools across two districts until the end of the school term, with support from Australian Red Cross and funding from AusAID.

'I enjoy the porridge very much,' says 16-year-old Boniface Mwikya, whose mother is a cook at the school.

'It encourages our bodies, and I am satisfied. When we take it, it helps us to be strong, to be conscientious in our studies. If not, we go hungry and can't concentrate well.'

The program provides lunch for up to 25,000 children, but there are as many students again in the districts who need assistance. As the water crisis in Kenya persists, Red Cross fears the situation will only deteriorate in the long hopeful wait until the next harvest.

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