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Job seekers

Read about our job seekers who have benefited from the ongoing support of Red Cross College Employment Services

Job seeker: Costa

In 2010, a 20-year-old Job seeker from West End attended the office to directly register. Costa has significant learning and retention barriers and the aptitude of a young child. For a while we investigated employment options, none of which were fruitful. Costa was then enrolled into a Hospitality course to address his limited experience and skills.

One month after he finished the course, an entry level role came up and Costa was able to start a new role, delivering pamphlets. He also learnt appropriate interaction within a team, reliability, and perseverance, maintaining the job, even though he would have preferred to stay home, watching the cartoons.

When the work ceased after 6 months, Costa continued to attended the Red Cross College Employment Services office weekly, if not more and wanting support get a job at McDonald's. With his recent work history, his Hospitality course and support from a dedicated employment consultant Costa was successful in secured a role his local McDonald's more than one year after first meeting with Red Cross.

Job seeker: Connor

Connor was referred to Red Cross College directly from his High School. His family was in the IT field and convinced Connor to follow suit and enter the Industry.

After many unsuccessful roles in IT, Connor's employment consultant suggested enrolled in the Driver's Education course Red Cross College as this was previously an area in which he showed interest.

Through continued job seeking support, Connor later secured a role at Lenard's Chicken, where he identified a passion for food preparation and hospitality. One month into his role another job came up as an apprentice chef, in a CBD location. Connor jumped at this opportunity and started an Apprenticeship.

Job seeker: Danielle

Danielle was referred to our organisation by ICYS. She had been diagnosed with dyslexia which presented problems with her ability to visually track and auditory processes.

Danielle was not easily engaged at first but once a relationship was established she began to express her interest in obtaining employment either within the Retail industry or Hairdressing.

Lynn, a Red Cross College Employment Consultant, met with Danielle on a fortnightly basis to assist with one on one job search and interview questions. Persistence paid off as Danielle was offered a job with a local service station and believed her success in securing a role was a direct result of the confidence and skills she obtained from working directly with Lynn.

Job seeker: Erma

Erma has a permanent condition and her barrier is Cognitive/Neurological impairment. This affects Erma with her reading, learning, processing information, concentration and memory.

Unfortunately due to her condition she had low self esteem and low confidence which in turn affected her ability to interact with people.

Time was been spent working with Erma to discuss her expectations, what has worked previously, where she wants to be, personal care and presentation, communication, social skills, capabilities, travel timetable information, budgeting and working as part of a team. Time was spent exploring options.

The BOOST Program (maximising Commonwealth Government incentive) was the utilised to secure employment with Brambel Bowls Club. She was supported with on the job training, travel training, assistance with bus time tables, and completing necessary employment paper work for Bramble Bowls Club.

Still gainfully employed, Erma has since enrolled in a Certificate III in Hospitality with Red Cross College and will be given ongoing support with the course.

Job seeker: Luke

Luke came to Red Cross College homeless and with a history of aggressive behaviour and not attending employment consultant employments with a previous provider.

Luke's case manager worked with him discussing the need to be honest and open to foster an open and honest relationship. Over time Luke developed better communication skills and was able to successfully attend Centrelink appointments on his own and report back outcomes and progress to his case manager.

Red Cross College Employment Services secured work experience for Luke at McDonalds followed by another work experience placement with Kmart. After impressing the managers at Kmart he was given hours on the roster and recently signed up on some permanent hours.
Unfortunately during this time Luke became homeless. Red Cross was able to support Luke has new living arrangements which helped him retain his new position.

More than two years on Luke is doing well and recently received a customer service award from Kmart. His Employer is very happy with him and has expressed interest in employ others enthusiastic staff like Luke.

Job seeker: Cat

Cat, a single parent, had limited work history/skills. She rarely attended appointments but through persistence and gentle mentoring, her attitude and commitment improved. Cat engaged, understood what was expected and communicated freely and regularly. Cat presented well and was assessed as having customer service skills; she completed training in RSA and RSG and with support from RCCES was placed at a local bistro. Cat had major personal difficulties in her first 3 months, with her rental house and possessions being destroyed by fire. RCCES supported by assisting Cat to apply for emergency housing and contacting ARC connections for donations of essentials. Cat's health deteriorated and we supported Cat apply for Disability Support Pension and negotiate less work hours at the bistro. Cat has since left Red Cross Employment Services as an independent worker - an ideal outcome!

Feedback directly from our Job seekers


Very occasionally in our lives, we have the privilege of meeting another human being who makes a huge difference to our lives.

You are one of those very special people, who shows kindness, compassion and a genuine desire to help make a difference to those who are in need.

I'm sure that you are not even fully aware of all the good that you actually do.

You were my last hope and no matter what the result, at the end of the day, I know in my heart that you have done all that is possible to help me.

Apart from being a lovely lady, you are an absolute inspiration. So walk tall and be proud of who you are.

With much gratitude always,



Before coming to Red Cross employment services and seeing you I had not had a proper job for many years and was full of self doubt and inexperience and although I was very eager to start a new life in a new job, those factors would have held me back immensely. With your guidance, help and support you have helped me apply for many jobs, engage myself with people and think of different areas of work or training I may wish to pursue.

Whenever I needed advice you were always happy to hear from me and made sure I did not feel like I was burdening you with my concerns. You have exceeded the expectations of help I thought I would receive. I believe your professionalism has been outstanding, your support and help amazing, and the end result life changing. It is not everyday that someone will meet a consultant and/or a special human being like yourself. I believe you truly know how to empower others and for that I will be forever grateful.



Thank you very much to Isabel, and other Employment Services staff, for your dedication, courtesy and positive attitude which assisted me as a "mature" age worker to get a job with an organisation that wouldn't employ me years ago because I was too old. I found it very, very ironic that I could get a job through a Disability Program at retirement age. That tells me that your organisation is quite a force to be reckoned with.

All the very best to you and your staff. Thanks again.

Kind regards,



I suffer from Aspergers Syndrome which is also known as a high-functioning Autistic person. Since joining the voluntary program 9 months ago, I have gained part time employment in Sales, and more recently full time employment with the same store.

In my view, my past and recent success is all due to the strategic planning and total commitment and vision of Francis.

He helped me with my resume, confidence, goal-setting, and overall vision of my life.

Without his foresight and skills, I fear I would be on the dole the rest of my life.

Francis was always eager and willing to help, and I felt I had an 'open-door' policy with him at all times throughout my program.

He worked hard to try to secure me interviews with the local council and even bicycle stores, but in the end I was able to secure part time employment in furniture sales much closer to home, but only under his careful and meticulous guidance.

Although I also played a part in my own success, I feel that it was much more the belief, faith, driving force, and motivation of Francis that pushed me to set new goals and boundaries for my self, and strive to achieve whereas in the past I would fall and shrink like a tumbleweed in the desert. I owe Francis much.

I will finish by saying that I feel that Francis is an enormous asset to your firm, and I wish him and all of the staff and management the absolute greatest of success always.