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Japan and Pacific disaster 2011

One year on

One year after the destructive earthquake and tsunami severely affected communities across north-east Japan, the signs of recovery are clear. Most of the debris has been removed. Shops and businesses are gradually reopening in many places. People are rebuilding their communities.

Tsunami children cope with parents' stress

Parents and children in the area affected by the tsunami are suffering from stress. Read more.

Coming to terms with tragedy

Sato Tomokazu worked with Red Cross shortly after the tsunami devastated his home town of Otsuchi. Read Sato's story.

Red Cross response

One year on, debris has been cleared and communities are rebuilding following the devastating tsunami in Japan. Huge challenges remain and Red Cross is there. Read more.


Photos: Kaito Ohkawa and Nao Nakamura (IFRC/Francis Markus). Tomokazu Sato paces over the concrete foundations that are all that remain of the house where he grew up (Japanese Red Cross/Asuka Suzuki). Kuniko Kido, a nurse with the Japanese Red Cross Society with two tsunami survivors who now live in an evacuation centre in Yamada, Iwate prefecture (IFRC/Kathy Mueller).