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It could have been me in their situation

Photo: IFRC/Ibrahim Malla

Driven by compassion, Red Crescent volunteers are helping their neighbours to keep their health and dignity in the midst of Syria's crisis.

Four years of conflict have left 16 million Syrians in urgent need of help. For Mohammed Ibrahim, the motivation to volunteer with Syrian Arab Red Crescent is - quite literally - close to home.

"I come from the displaced areas. I feel the hardship," he says. "The hardest thing was feeling that it could have been me in their situation. I put myself in the shoes of everyone present."

A volunteer for the last two years, Mohammed is currently helping to pack and deliver hygiene kits to thousands of his fellow countrymen and women. The kits contain essential items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toilet paper - items that are now nearly impossible to obtain in Syria, where shops have closed and 75% of the population lives in poverty. These simple things help families keep their health and dignity.

"Providing sanitary kits to families is expected to lift a huge burden," he explains. "Prices are very high and employment options are scarce. Finding work is difficult for them. This lowers their monthly expenses."

Over 4,000 kits, which cost as little as $25 and contain a month's supply of bathroom essentials, are being distributed with the assistance of Mohammed and his fellow Red Crescent volunteers.

Life isn't easy or even always safe for these volunteers. Some have been injured and a few have been killed while providing vital humanitarian aid. Yet still they continue.

Mohammed holds one simple wish for the future of his homeland: "Syrians are very goodhearted, and what happens in the country is so unfair. I wish them safety, and that they return home. And most importantly, that their dignity is maintained."

Your donation to the Syria Crisis Appeal will help Syrian families with the practical necessities to survive.