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Iran and Pakistan Earthquake 2013


A major 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck an area of southeast Iran, bordering Pakistan. Hundreds of people have been injured or lost their homes across the border in Pakistan.

At least 35 people were killed and 150 injured in the town of Mashkeel in the southwestern Pakistani province of Baluchistan, which borders Iran, according to Pakistani officials. One person has been confirmed dead and at least 20 were injured in Iran.

Hundreds of people are being assisted by relief and rescue teams from Pakistan and Iranian Red Crescent. Camps have been set up in Iran with more than 400 tents to shelter close to 1700 people.

Disaster relief, such as food, water and other essential items are being provided by Red Crescent to people in the affected areas.

Red Crescent has also been assisting with air search and rescue in two helicopters, looking for survivors. Six teams, with sniffer dogs, have also been assisting to search for survivors amid the debris.

Australian Red Cross has an ongoing program in Pakistan, working with communities to better prepare for disasters.

Making a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery supports the work of Red Cross wherever it is needed around the world.

On 9 April, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake shook Iran, leaving 37 people dead and 850 injured.

In 2003, the country's most deadly earthquake flattened the city of Bam, approximately 320 kilometres from the most recent quake, killing more than 25,000 people.


Photos: Survivors of Tuesday's earthquake near their destroyed mud houses after they collapsed following the quake, in the town of Mashkeel, southwestern Pakistani province of Baluchistan, near the Iranian border. (REUTERS/Shah Nazar)