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Stories from the field

Kathmandu's Modern Families »
The Nepal earthquake severely impacted some of the region's most vulnerable families. But it also brought many of them together.

War surgery »
Red Cross aid worker Nola Henry reflects on what it takes to provide emergency healthcare in the midst of a conflict.

Red Cross aid worker Marshall Tuck explains what it's like to be a ward nurse in an Ebola treatment facility.

"An oven bag like you'd cook a chicken in"
It is a methodical and careful procedure to don the plastic coveralls, the double layer of gloves, duck-bill mask, hood, apron and finally goggles that protects me in the high-risk area of the Red Cross Ebola treatment centre. Read more.

Inside an Ebola treatment centre
Patients are scared and getting information at their triage interview is challenging. Read more

Video: The truth about volunteering overseas

So you want to volunteer overseas? GREAT. Here's a video that doesn't sugar-coat the experience »

Flooding doesn't have to mean drowning

In the Philippines, Australian Volunteers are working to help river communities deal with natural disaster. Read more »

Finding your path

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, volunteering overseas also benefits closer to home. Read more »

So you want to be an aid worker?

Just off a plane from South Sudan, aid worker Libby Bowell reflects on her career path and what it takes to work for Red Cross overseas. Read more »

Nurses build their strength

Through a mix of bedside teaching and professional development workshops, the hardworking nurses in Bhutan's main referral hospital have been honing their specialist skills. Read more »

Finding common ground

Australian volunteer Jordi Bates scales some dizzying heights while supporting the Royal Government of Bhutan to balance sustainable development with environmental conservation. Read more »

Inside a field hospital

See how a Red Cross emergency surgical team operates in South Sudan. Read more »

Midwives get back to basics
Australian volunteers are supporting a hospital in rural Cambodia to improve child and maternal health. Read more »

Video: Aid worker's view of Typhoon Haiyan

How aid workers contributed to the Typhoon Haiyan relief and recovery effort. Watch video »

The two of us: Cambodia

Ung Pola runs a child rights organisation in Cambodia. Loretta Bellato volunteered to help him chart its future. Here's how it worked out »


Working in the Ebola hot zone

'This is the worst humanitarian crisis I've seen." Read more »


When frustration becomes inspiration

How do you solve a problem like 80,000 people and no toilets? Read more »

Helping women live free from violence

A network of legal, health and social services is helping Timorese women to rebuild their lives. Australian volunteers are there to support them. Read more »

Empowering students with special needs

Australian volunteers are supporting some very special schools in Kenya and Bhutan. Read more »

Photo gallery - Welcome to Bhutan

A photo gallery on volunteering in the happiest country in Asia. View gallery »


Stepping out of my comfort zone

See how champion Aboriginal cricketer Floyd Doyle is using the fine art of leg-spin bowling to help disadvantaged youth in Nairobi. Read more »

Mental illness and the right to recovery

With support from volunteers, Timor-Leste's mental health services can reach the people who need them most. Read more »

Using sport to stop violence against women

Luke Ablett, a volunteer in Vanuatu, addressed members of Parliament at a breakfast event to promote sport in development in Canberra. Read his speech »

Making life accessible

Laos wants a better future for people with disabilities - and a national action plan to improve access to services is a major step forward. Read more »

Serving up a longer life

Australian volunteers are helping reduce Fiji's diabetes, heart disease and stoke. Read more »

A day at the office

Video: Follow a day in the lives of four Australians volunteering in Kenya.Watch the video »


More stories

Emergency services - August 2013
Meet the people who save lives in Mongolia, and the volunteers who support them. View the photo gallery.

Volunteer in Bhutan - June 2013
Happiness is the greatest currency in Bhutan. Red Cross will send volunteers to Bhutan through the Australian Volunteers for International Development program.

Time for new blood - April 2013
What do you do when you want a new challenge? Amelia Lutjens packed her suitcase to help Fiji's National Blood Service.

Happy feet, better days - March 2013
Meet the exceptional children whose potential is just being discovered and the Australian volunteers lending a hand.

Video - Haiti: Rubble recycled
Haiti is being transformed as rubble is recycled into building materials.

Power of change


A serious cholera crisis claimed more than 300 lives across Sierra Leone. Red Cross and Libby Bowell responded immediately. Read more.

Hope with no home


Public health aid worker, Kym Blechynden assisted with the Red Cross response in areas devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. Read more.