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IMX Resources and Red Cross are working to support health and nutrition in Coober Pedy.

Red Cross has been delivering services in Coober Pedy for more than five years and runs Good Start Breakfast Clubs which provide a healthy breakfast to school children in both Coober Pedy and Marree, located in north east of South Australia. The success of the programs has led IMX Resources to expand their support with the introduction of FOODcents, a program which will build on the breakfast club concept by working with parents and students to encourage participants to live healthier lifestyles and includes tips on shopping, cooking, budgeting and exercise.

'IMX sees FOODcents as a logical progression from the excellent foundation that the Good Start Breakfast Club has built over the past five years,' says Mr Steve Staines, External Relations Manager with IMX Resources. The new partnership will see IMX Resources work directly with Red Cross to deliver nutrition and cooking classes in Coober Pedy in the coming months with the aim to make healthy cooking a part of everyday life for families in the area.

Isla Woidt is the Red Cross team leader for food and nutrition programs in South Australia. 'We hope that participants will learn that buying pre-packaged or takeaway food actually works out more expensive and is nutritionally poor. With a little effort you can save money and provide better food for your family which leads to better health throughout life,' says Mrs Woidt. 'There's something really special about cooking a meal together and eating as a family.' she says.

Steve Staines says IMX and Red Cross share similar values. 'IMX Resources hope to have a presence in Coober Pedy for many more years and we have always seen ourselves as a strong and supportive member of our community,' says Mr Staines. 'By becoming a Loyalty Partner of Red Cross, we are partnering with a global organisation that makes a positive difference to people and communities around the world. Despite the positive global influence of Red Cross we feel it is important to start locally.'