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International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarians

The downloads below contain pre-reading material for participants in the 'International Legal Frameworks' course to be conducted by Australian Red Cross on 13-14 June at Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton. Please read through this material prior to the course.

Download pre-course reading as an ebook. Download pre-course reading as a pdf.

Each module gives a brief introduction to an area of international law which will be covered in the course. There is also a set of six short case studies of real situations in which these areas of law are relevant, with some questions to start you thinking about the legal issues that come up in humanitarian situations.


At the end of two days training, participants will have a broad understanding of the international legal frameworks that apply in complex humanitarian emergencies. They will understand the complexities of the relationship between armed and humanitarian actors and how international humanitarian law (IHL) provides a common framework for understanding and action. Participants will understand different legal regimes and how they relate to each other.


For further information on the International Legal Frameworks course, please contact Anna Griffin, EA/Project Officer, International Humanitarian Law, by email or on 03 9345 1875.