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Ideas 2020 - winners announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 'Most Promising' ideas from our Ideas 2020 challenge. Read on to see why they were selected and what happens next in terms of getting these and the People's Choice ideas off the ground.

Migrants in transition have their humanitarian needs met and are participating in and included in Australian society

The Most Promising Idea for A safe and welcoming Australia is Corporate Connections - Spread the Word by Sian Gair, a Migrant Link Project Officer in WA. Sian's idea is about increasing awareness of the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees through engaging with corporate organisations. Challenge Lead, Vicki Mau and her selection panel identified opportunity to build on this engagement towards an employment pathway for Migration Support Program clients, as well as the social cohesion benefits. As a next step, Vicki will meet with Sian, our corporate partnerships team, and social cohesion leads to further develop this idea and link it with broader strategy around corporate partnership, employment and social cohesion.

The People's Choice winner for this outcome was Australian Red Cross rolls out the Red Carpet by Shammy Baijnath, a Caseworker in WA. As a next step Vicki would like to bring Shammy together with some other key internal stakeholders to workshop how this idea can build on and add to other similar activities underway.

2.5 million people, reflecting the diversity of our community, take voluntary humanitarian action with Australian Red Cross to help others.

The People Helping People winning idea is Time banking submitted by Belinda Noble, Head of Communications based in NSW and Fiona Amundson, a Voluntary Service Business Partner in ACT. Belinda and Fiona have combined two ideas: the use of technology to connect people seeking and offering support, and the concept of community members 'acquiring' and 'spending' time.

Danny Croucher and his challenge team were excited to draw on the success of time banking programs overseas, and the potential to engage Red Cross member, volunteer, supporter and donor networks. They also saw the idea addressing a number of strategy and process improvement priorities, as well as feedback heard through the volunteer engagement survey that volunteers want to do more to support their local communities. Danny will be in touch with Belinda and Fiona to explore next steps, with the view to bring key internal and external people together to develop the idea in a 'hackathon' for implementation.

The next step for the People's Choice in this outcome, Start 'em young, keep them keen by Dilini Perera (a Multimedia Producer based in NSW) will be to unpack Dilini's vision and the potential to connect this idea with the youth participation consultation currently underway. Michelle Ewington, National Lead for Youth Engagement, will be in touch with Dilini shortly.

Australian attitudes and behaviours strongly reflect humanitarian values based on survey responses

A more humanitarian society winning idea is Humanity Heat Map by Susie Gemmell, Supporter, Acquisitions and Development Manager based in NSW. Susie imagines an interactive Google map that shows a growing footprint of acts of humanity - providing a visual depiction of the Strategy 2020 goals coming to life as acts of humanity flourish across the nation.

This idea sparked the imagination of the Challenge Lead Phoebe Wynn Pope and others for the potential for simple impact, as well as the way this idea adds to a number of other activities in the pipeline. As an initial step, Chris Wheatley who is responsible for this strategic outcome will meet with Susie to brainstorm best next steps and identify how best to develop this idea and connect it to other related outcome activities.

The People's Choice winner in this category was Courage to be Kind, by Jayne Uthmeyer, a Digital Media Producer based in Victoria. This idea links really interestingly with Fiona and Belinda's 'People Helping People'/'Time Banking' idea above, and so as a next step Danny Croucher will be in touch with Jayne to explore how these ideas might leverage off each other.

3 million Australians are equipped to be prepared for and recover from disasters

The Building Resilient Communities winning idea is Prepare, Respond, Recover App, submitted by Pat Sim on behalf of the NT Emergency Services Steering Group volunteers. Challenge Lead Andrew Coghlan noted that a number of ideas highlighted the importance of digital access to REDiPlan preparedness materials, with this winning idea extending the potential impact through linkage to a broader range of tools and information that would not only support people to prepare for a disaster, but also through a journey of recovery.

Planning and consideration of the digitisation of our emergency services preparedness materials has already begun, potentially drawing upon our collaborative partnership with Insurance Australia Group (IAG) to bring it to fruition. The next step will be to involve the NT Emergency Services Steering Group volunteers in a scoping exercise, which will build on our aim to make information most readily accessible to the community in a digital form, whether it's via website or app for example.

Andrew will be meeting with the winner of the People's Choice, Dianne Buckles (Volunteer, Member and Chair of the WA Divisional Advisory Board), later this week to discuss the best way to progress her idea, Welcome to your new Home.

Australian governments are directing into justice reinvestment at least 50% of savings delivered by a 10% reduction in Australian prison numbers

A new approach to justice winning idea is WorkREDI by Helen Connolly, Director SA. This idea was also the People's Choice, and was identified by Challenge Lead Helen Sheppard and her network of external experts, including Mick Gooda, Warren Mundine, Mark Halsey and Tasmanian peer mentors who are currently incarcerated as an idea that could have big impact in a complex policy context.

To quote Mark Halsey, a Professor in the Centre for Crime Policy & Research, Law School, Flinders University: "Long and short is that prisoners need jobs and the personal stability that flows from such. Full time employment has been and remains one of the most effective protective factors against crime and recidivism." As a next step Helen Sheppard will flesh out the plan with Helen Connelly and other key stakeholders with a view to seeking funding and piloting the model.

Congratulations and please keep the ideas coming!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this first Ideas 2020 event. We had 1,249 Red Cross people participate - 748 staff, 281 volunteers and 220 members - contributing 269 ideas, 1,635 comments on other people's ideas, and 4,084 votes!