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I Champion ... Emergency Preparedness

Everyone should be disaster ready. Encourage your friends and family to download a RediPlan - they'll be more likely to cope and recover if disaster strikes.


Make your emergency preparedness plan in just four steps.

Download your RediPlan

Hey Neighbour! Postcard

Fill out and share this postcard with at least one household in your street. It's an opportunity to spread the word about why preparing is important, and to get to know your neighbours.

Download the postcard


Print these posters and put them up in your community, perhaps at work, in the local library, town hall or shops.

Social media posts

Encourage your networks on social media to prepare themselves for a disaster.

We all have something we care about more than anything, something we want to protect no matter what. Post a photo of that special something you value most and explain why. Use #CouldntLiveWithout in your post.

Finish your post with:

Protect what matters most. Download your Red Cross RediPlan and prepare yourself for an emergency.

And for twitter you could post a picture of the special something you value most with the words:

#CouldntLiveWithout my (insert details of your special something) Protect what matters most.

Or you might prefer to download these images and post them to your social media pages. Include a link in your social media posts to our emergency preparedness page:

Email signature

Download and copy this image for use in your personal email signature.

Link the email signature button to our emergency preparedness page