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Humanity Festivals 2012

Above: Young Humanitarians across Australia showcase their artistic views of humanity with the release of a new Humanity Festivals video.

In early 2012, Red Cross, in conjunction with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, extended an invitation to youth across Australia to participate in festivals exploring the notion of humanity: What did it mean to today's youth? How could they express humanity in their own way?

Held in five capital cities around Australia, the Humanity Festivals shared many similarities and common themes but were also distinctly unique.

Participants had the chance to explore the theme of humanity through skill based workshops, large scale group murals, individual creative tasks, local and national art competitions and live music performances.

The Humanity Festivals were developed and run for young people by young people. They offered a wide range of experiences for everyone to get involved, as artists or as part of the audience at the festival exhibitions.

Participants also had the opportunity to build their skills and confidence, to demonstrate a positive profile to members of their community.

Each festival focused on a particular group of young people who were experiencing a form of social or emotional disengagement from others in their lives.

To find out more about the individual festivals, click on the links below.


Photos: An image created by artist Minaxi May, part of a residency and exhibition FANdom, Minaxi is participating in and running workshops in the Perth Humanity Festival (Phil Gamblen). All Saints College grade 7 students work with assistance from artist Minaxi May (Jaelle Wiedemann). Shipping container installation inspired by Minaxi's work and the work of artist Yayoi Kusama (Jaelle Wiedemann).

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