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Issue 36, second edition 2017
Cover story: Hope - facing down famine in East Africa

Issue 35, first edition 2017
Cover story: New beginnings - how determination and the Fundamental Principles turned a life around

Issue 34, fourth edition 2016
Cover story: New beginnings - find out how we are bringing smiles to faces in Kiribati

Issue 33, third edition 2016
Cover story: From Iraq to Shepparton - how refugee Sarmed became an Aussie leader

Issue 32, second edition 2016
Cover story: Living on the edge of catastrophe

Issue 31, first edition 2016
Cover story: "The future will be bright, not like this"

Past issues

Issue 30, fourth edition 2015
Cover story: She thought she would die alone… then the phone rang

Issue 29, third edition 2015
Cover story: Back from the brink: James' journey from patient to local hero

Issue 28, second edition 2015
Cover story: Help! My husband's an aid worker

Issue 27, first edition 2015
Cover story: A second chance to succeed

Issue 26, third edition 2014
Cover story: Fighting Ebola

Issue 25, second edition 2014
Cover story: Local heroes

Issue 24, first edition 2014
Cover story: 100 years of people helping people

Issue 23, Third edition 2013
Cover story: Welcoming the world

Issue 22, Second edition 2013
Cover story: An opportunity to be heard

Issue 21, First edition 2013
Cover story: Teaching for the future

Issue 20, November 2012
Cover story: Well Connected

Issue 19, Spring 2012
Cover story: A better future 

Issue 18, Winter 2012
Cover story: Youth on the move

Issue 17, Autumn 2012
Cover story: Target 1,000 Cranes

Issue 16, Summer 2011
Cover story: Spreading health

Issue 15, Winter 2011
Cover story: A new generation of humanitarians

Issue 14, Autumn 2011
Cover story: Rising to the challenge - Floodwaters devastate Queensland

Issue 13, September 2010
Cover story: A family reunited

Issue 12, March 2010
Cover story: Haiti the long road ahead

Issue 11 , December 2009
Cover story: Climate change refugees

Issue 10, August 2009
Cover story: Crossing the line

Issue 9, March 2009
Cover story: Sticking together

Issue 8, November 2008
Cover story: Surviving conflict in East Timor

Issue 7, July 2008
Cover story: A fork in the road - feeding the world's most vulnerable

Issue 6, Mar 2008
Cover story: Seen but not heard - social isolation

Issue 5, Nov 2007
Cover story: Funny weather - the people hardest hit by climate change

Issue 4, June 2007
Cover story: Palm Island - the art of sharing a story

Issue 3, Feb 2007
Cover story: Changing face of rural communities

Issue 2, Nov 2006
Cover story: Facing Nature's Fury - what lessons have we learned?

Issue 1, June 2006
Cover story: Just Say Yes - takes a look at the subtle forms of discrimination