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Bring our emblems to life


We need 800 people to stand shoulder to shoulder and form the iconic emblems of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement on the steps of Sydney Opera House.

When: Monday 11 November 2013, between 11am and 1pm
Where: Sydney Opera House steps
Who: People like you and Red Cross people
Why: Make a giant human emblem - a symbol of the power of humanity to send to the world via news and social media.

It's a really fun and simple way to support Red Cross. You'll meet great people and be part of something big.

Just like they did in the photo from Berlin everyone gets to wear a red poncho. Please join us and help us make it bigger and better in Sydney!

Red Cross is hosting a week of international Red Cross meetings with up to 1,000 delegates from 189 countries coming to Sydney to determine the future of global humanitarian action.
You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Come and visit the Humanitarian Village expo in Darling Harbour from 11-17 November.