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Healthy meals and classes are fun at the Mwingi Special School for the Hearing Impaired, though five-year-old Nicholas loves playtime the best.

Five year-old Nicholas, is one of the youngest kids at the Mwingi Special School for the Hearing Impaired in eastern Kenya. He is learning sign language for the first time in his life and expresses happily that he loves the food at school. "The breakfast is good," though Nicholas adds he likes playtime more.

School teacher Phillip Musembei says he has seen a big difference in Nicholas, since he started school a few months ago. "He was very weak and falling over frequently." It has been great to see how healthy food helps the kids, Phillip adds with a big smile. "We have seen improvements. Now he's playing and kicking a ball."

Nicholas and 285,000 other kids across Kenya have been eating a nutrient-rich porridge every day as part of the drought response program run by Kenya Red Cross, with support from Australian Red Cross.

The Mwingi Special School is in an area prioritised by Kenya Red Cross due to the effects of the drought and the extreme poverty experienced by many families.

The breakfast supplied by Red Cross complements a healthy lunch, provided by the United Nations World Food Program.

In addition to the school feeding program, Kenya Red Cross is assisting families and farmers across the region to grow food for their communities and cope better with future droughts.

School Principal Rosina Kitulya, says "we are sincerely grateful to Kenya Red Cross and Australian Red Cross for supporting our special school".

"May our students grow strong and come to Australia one day to compete in athletics! Our school is known for strength in athletics."

Photo Credit: Australian Red Cross/Madeline Wilson

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