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Healthcare in danger: spread the word

Mothers and their babies are killed when an airstrike hits a hospital.

Security forces occupying a healthcare centre deny patients access to medical care.

A doctor is threatened with violence if he treats wounded enemy soldiers.

These real accounts are part of an International Committee of the Red Cross Red Cross report which reveals the devastating impact of war and conflict on healthcare.

We are determined to do everything we can to reduce this terrible toll. When these attacks against healthcare workers happen, we will shout as loudly as we can: "Don't shoot - they are not part of the fight. Even wars have limits, and one of these limits is to allow the wounded and sick access to healthcare."

You can help

The more people who hear this cry, the more effective the laws of war will be. Make a difference by adding your voice to our call. Tell your friends and family. Join the conversation. Let everyone know that the under international humanitarian law the wounded and sick have a right to medical care, and those providing assistance must be protected.

To make it easier, we've developed this advocacy pack to be used by all our members, volunteers and supporters. It includes: 

Share them on Facebook and Twitter, asking people to #ProtectHealthCare, or spread the word at your next gathering. Help us prevent attacks on healthcare workers.

A wider tragedy

Health Care in Danger

Attacks against health care workers have consequences beyond the immediate victims and their families. Read more