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Haiti earthquake 2010

Out of the rubble: video


Two years on

Communities across Haiti are getting their lives back on track following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, two years ago. Australian Red Cross ran an appeal, contributing to the overall international Red Cross work supporting communities as they recover.

The Haiti earthquake killed up to 230,000 people and left 1.5 million people homeless, according to the Government of Haiti. Since the earthquake struck, in total, well over a million people have been assisted by Red Cross.

Communities in the capital Port-au-Prince and many regional areas have been assisted with vital relief supplies such as food and water, shelter and hygiene and other health services.

The progress of reconstruction increased significantly in 2011. Shelter support has gathered momentum and Red Cross has reached over 22,000 vulnerable families - close to 100,000 people - with a safe and improved shelter solution.

Basic humanitarian needs remain for many of Haiti's most vulnerable communities, including the half a million people who remain in camps. Supporting families to move home is a priority but this will take time for communities to be involved in their housing solutions.



Red Cross Red Crescent recovery programs are shifting away from providing relief items such as tarpaulins and blankets, to supporting communities with their livelihoods, to cope emotionally, be better prepared for future disasters and take ownership of their recovery.

Recovery takes time … time to clear rubble, time to rebuild homes and community infrastructure, time to repair broken water sources and time to restart livelihoods.

Red Cross is ensuring that the affected communities are involved in their recovery, every step of the way.

The long-term recovery of Haiti will also be reliant on long-term development planning led by the Haitian government.

Red Cross is working with a range of government agencies and non-government organisations in the coming years to support long-term national recovery plans.

The Haiti earthquake 2010 Appeal is closed but we still need your support for erveryday international emergencies work and to help communities recover from disasters.

How you can help.

Photos: Australian Red Cross/Antony Balmain

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