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Get the facts about seeking asylum in Australia

Red Cross and SBS' Go Back To Where You Came From teamed up to look at the facts about seeking asylum in Australia

This week Red Cross launched its new partnership with SBS's third series of the hugely successful Go Back to Where you Came From at events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Red Cross collaborated with the team from Go Back to produce an online education package for Australian high school students to help them understand the facts when it comes to refugees and asylum seekers.

It will reach 3,500 schools with the hope that the more we understand the facts and the humanitarian impacts of seeking asylum, the more likely we are to build an even more compassionate and caring community.

Our new Red Cross Ambassadors Dr Munjed Al Muderis and the author and former refugee Abdi Aden were on a panel at two live screening events held this week in Sydney and Melbourne to kick off SBS' new series of Go Back To Where You Came From.

They were joined by a panel of guest speakers from the series to talk about the show and share their experiences.

Dr Munjed Al Muderis is a leading orthopaedic surgeon who has pioneered a bionic leg that gives amputees the ability to walk again. He's also a former asylum seeker who risked his life on a leaky boat to be granted asylum in Australia. For Munjed, educating people on the facts is key.

"I think what we're lacking in Australia unfortunately is education about what's going on outside of Australia. It is sad that we are becoming more Americanised about facts and we are more focused on our internal environment, not knowing about the outside environment," said Munjed at the Sydney event.

Both Red Cross and SBS share a passion to raise awareness and help put a human face to the issues around asylum seekers.

"When you watch humans it's different from talking about this abstract concept. You actually see human lives at play, what people are fleeing from, and why they just want safety," said Rick McPhee, the series producer of SBS' Go Back To Where You Came From.

"It's always safety, a safe place and a better life for my children, education for my children. It's universal, it seems to be the desire of people, it's just human nature," said Rick.

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