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Speakers and performers


Tuesday 12 November 1.00pm - 1.30pm
Tiwi Song Project

Presentation and performance by women from the Tiwi Islands in Australia's Northern Territory.

Tuesday 12 November 1.30pm - 2.30pm
First People and Indigenous Communities

In this discussion we will explore the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia, as well as Indigenous people throughout the world. The panellists will discuss programs and policies they have developed to celebrate and strengthen their first and Indigenous people.
• Ms. Tanya Hosch - Board Member at Australian Red Cross and Deputy Campaign Director, Recognise (Panel facilitator)
• Mr. Michael White - Regional Manager Far North Queensland, Australian Red Cross
• Mr. Daniel Javiel - Executive Director Guatemalan Red Cross
• Ms. Annie Vanderwyk - Aboriginal Programs Implementation Manager, Australian Red Cross

Wednesday 13 November 12.00pm - 1.00pm
Climate Change and Disasters
Climate Change is undoubtedly one of the greatest threats to humanity. Since 2009 the frequency and size of natural disasters in Australia has been felt significantly by both the Australian community and Australian Red Cross, with resources stretched further than ever before. Internationally Red Cross recognises the impact of climate change and is working with communities that are already experiencing the impacts, particularly island nations in the Pacific. Our expert panellists will share their experiences and discuss what action we can take now to reduce the impact of future disasters and ongoing climate change.
• Mr. Michael Raper - Director of Services and International Operations, Australian Red Cross (Panel facilitator)
• Dr. Maarten van Aalst - Director Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre
• Ms. Lucy Manne - National Co-Director of Australian Youth Climate Coalition
• Mr. Teweiariki Teaero - Board member of Kiribati Red Cross Society

Thursday 14 November 1.15pm - 2.15pm
The Protection of Women, Children & Young People

More than 31,000 children are abused and neglected in Australia each year, underlining the critical need for everyone in the community to support child protection. Globally more than one third of all women experience physical or sexual abuse, with the World Health Organisation advocating for better support for women who experience violence and the elimination of tolerance for it. What role can Red Cross and the wider community play in addressing these issues? In this discussion we bring together a panel of leaders to share their experiences in advocating for the protection, rights and development of women, children and young people.
• Ms. Hang Vo - Head of Strategic Operations, Services & International, Australian Red Cross (Panel facilitator)
• Ms. Pat Anderson - Co-author 'Little Children are Sacred' report
• Dr. Katrina Lee-Koo - Senior Lecturer in International Relations, ANU
• Dr. Honni van Rijswijk - Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law, UTS

Thursday 14 November 4.30pm - 5.00pm
The Impact of Migration

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts the right of all people to seek asylum from persecution in other countries, yet Australia's media and political discourse on the issue demonstrates the public's polarised views on people seeking asylum in Australia. Our keynote speaker will highlight why Australian Red Cross is, and should be, involved in the migration space.
• Ms. Margaret Piper - Consultant for research, capacity building and training in refugee sector (keynote address)

Friday 15 November 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Fostering Inclusive Communities

People experience social isolation and exclusion in many different forms, including people from minority groups and people who are, or have been, in prison. This discussion will explore innovative ways of working with people who are at risk of being marginalised to improve or restore their connection with the community.
• Mr. Noel Clement - Head of Australian Services, Australian Red Cross (Panel facilitator)
• Ms. Shelley Cardinal - Aboriginal Consultant, Canadian Red Cross
• Dr. Jill Guthrie - Research Fellow, National Centre for Indigenous Studies
• The Hon. Greg Smith - NSW Attorney General and Minister for Justice (invited)

Sunday 17 November 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Regulating Weapons: A Step Forward for Humanity

In recent decades there has been increased regulation of many weapons under specific treaties - a positive development in the evolution of International Humanitarian Law. Yet there is still much to be done to reduce human suffering caused by certain weapons. In addition, despite the destructive power of nuclear weapons there is no comprehensive or universal ban on their use under international law. This discussion will explore the regulation and need for ratification of treaties relating, including those concerning small arms and cluster munitions.
• Mr. Leonard Blazeby - ICRC Australia (Panel facilitator)
• Mr. Soraj Ghulam Habib - Advocate for banning cluster munitions (invited)
• Ms. Charlotte Nordstrom - Norwegian Red Cross Youth delegate
• Ms. Delia Chatoor - Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross
• Mr. Knut Doermann - Head of the ICRC Legal Division

Monday 18 November 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Innovation in Humanitarian Action

Is it enough for charities to rely on public donations and government funding? How will humanitarian action change over the course of the twenty-first century? This discussion will explore how non profits are harnessing new technologies and forging partnerships with the business and philanthropic sector to deliver sustainable programs.
• Mr. Ian Burke - Executive Director of Tasmania, Australian Red Cross (Panel facilitator)
• Ms. Rebecca Scott - Founding CEO, Streat
• Ms. Yassmin Abdel-Magied - Founder and President, Youth without Borders
• Mr. Peter Walton - Head of International Program, Australian Red Cross; Former CEO, Infoxchange
• Ms. Cheryl Kernot - Centre for Social Impact UNSW (invited)