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Community fundraising terms and conditions


1. Activity organisers for Red Cross must be registered and have an official Letter of Authority issued for your activity. This is required by law in most States and Territories in Australia and is a requirement of fundraising for Australian Red Cross.

2. The activity organiser must fulfil any obligations in the fundraising legislation and/or any regulations in your State or Territory. This includes obtaining an authority to fundraise from your State Government if required, along with necessary permits, licenses, and insurance. This information will be available from your State Government office.

3. The person whose name appears on the letter of authority is the activity organiser, which makes them solely accountable for managing the fundraising activity in an appropriate and responsible way. The activity organiser must notify Red Cross of any changes to their activity in advance and must only fundraise for the period of time authorised by Red Cross.

4. It is the responsibility of the activity organiser to ensure the safety of the activity, including organising appropriate public liability insurance and providing first aid services if they are needed.

5. The activity organiser must take responsibility for, and hold onto all the money raised until the fundraising activity is over and make sure it's kept in a safe place. Funds must be returned according to the instructions provided. This will also ensure Red Cross can track and acknowledge your contribution.

6. The activity organiser must provide a receipt to a donor if the donor requests a receipt and the donation received is $2 or more.

7. The activity organiser must ensure Red Cross is clearly identified as the beneficiary of the funds raised. Where possible, the activity organiser must detail the amount or proportion of funds raised that will be donated to Red Cross.

8. Activity organisers are not permitted to use the Red Cross emblem on any event materials. The Red Cross Emblem is an internationally protected symbol used in times of conflict and it is a criminal offence under the Geneva Conventions Act to misuse it. Activity organisers may use the Red Cross name, however it must be clear that the activity is supporting Red Cross and not run by Red Cross (For example, You may state your activity or event is 'proudly supporting Australian Red Cross', or 'proceeds donated to Red Cross' but you cannot name your event 'Red Cross Art Exhibition' or 'Australian Red Cross Walkathon').

9. The activity organiser must keep records of income and expenditure, and may deduct any essential costs of organising the activity, as long as they are documented with receipts, and are fair and reasonable (e.g. you may deduct costs such as catering, venue hire, entertainment but cannot deduct taxi transport etc. unless under special circumstances). Generally, Red Cross recommends that your cost of fundraising is less than 30% of the funds raised but we understand this is not possible in all cases. Some costs for fundraising activities (e.g. raffles) are regulated by State Government so you should also seek advice from them.

10. Activity organisers are required to return all receipt books whether they have been used or not within 28 days of their activity ending. The receipted dollar value must not exceed the funds raised. If a receipt book is lost or stolen, a Statutory Declaration must be completed stating this and returned with payment in place of the receipt book. It is a criminal offence to write false tax receipts, and/or make a false declaration.

11. The activity organiser must not approach the general public with door to door, street or telephone collections as part of the fundraising activity.

12. People under the age of 16 collecting, handling or managing funds must be under the supervision of a responsible adult over the age of 18.

13. The activity organiser must disclose any previous criminal convictions to Red Cross (although these won't prevent an activity organiser from being able to organise an activity for us, they will be taken into account when assessing the suitability of the activity and yourself as the organiser).

14. The activity organiser agrees to release Red Cross to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims and demands of any kind associated with the activity, and indemnify Red Cross for all liability or costs that may arise in respect to any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person in any way associated with the activity caused by your breach of these responsibilities or negligence.

15. Red Cross reserves the right to withdraw your authority to organise an activity at any time if it appears there's a likelihood of the activity organiser not meeting any of these responsibilities.