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Regular Giving facts

  • Regular Giving is where people make a monthly donation either by direct debit via their bank account or credit card.

  • Is the most reliable source of income and ensures an on-going income stream from year to year.

  • Allows us to budget and plan ahead effectively so we can continue to be there to deliver vital services to vulnerable people.

Regular Giving fundraising

Regular Giving fundraising is one of the most affordable and effective ways of recruiting new supporters to Red Cross. Specialist agencies conduct the majority of new supporter acquisitions which has become Red Cross' fastest growing income stream. Using these agencies means we keep costs down and helps provide quality training and professional representation for Red Cross.

Door to Door
Red Cross fundraisers conduct door knocks to discuss work with people and encourage them to become a regular donor. Fundraisers work within the hours set out by state legislation throughout the day and early evening.

Streets and shopping centres
This type of fundraising involves speaking directly to people in the street or in shopping centres, between Monday to Saturday asking them to support us with a regular gift.

Business to Business
Fundraisers reach out and visit small to medium sized businesses encouraging them and their staff to make regular contributions.

Other activities
Red Cross routinely conducts Regular Giving promotions through telemarketing, direct mail, online, TV and press inserts.

How to recognise a legitimate fundraiser

Our fundraisers wear Red Cross branded clothing with our logo front and back, or smart business attire when visiting businesses. Their ID badges state they are paid and carry the name of the third party agency. They do not accept cash, instead asking for monthly donations by direct debit or credit card.

Please view theĀ South Australia code of practice for Australian Red Cross Ongoing Collection Agreement in South Australia.

Current fundraising locations

Our fundraisers work all over Australia, all year round. Find out where our fundraisers are working this week: Red Cross fundraising locations.

Meet the fundraisers

Liz has been a fundraiser with Red Cross for over 8 years and has seen first hand the positive impact of the work we do. Read Liz's story.

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