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First Aid

As a leading provider of First Aid and Workplace Compliance training, Red Cross College is a trusted business partner delivering training solutions nationally. Read about some of our client experiences below.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Boyd Doherty, Manager

It's not often I go out of my way to provide feedback but I found both courses not only extremely informative but the style of training delivery most enjoyable.

It was very obvious the trainer, believes strongly in the principles underpinning the training and is very passionate about saving lives.

By sharing  several professional experiences he enhanced the level of learning and my preparedness should I ever have to use First Aid and Resuscitation protocols. I have done many First Aid courses throughout my career, none of which came close to this experience. I take my hat off to the Red Cross trainer, I along with others in the courses certainly learnt more than ever before. Well done to the trainer and Red Cross, keep up the outstanding work.

Oil Search Limited

Craig Abbott, Corporate Health Coordinator

I couldn't believe it, I was literally 40mins from leaving your building when a 50 year old male from the IT department presented with chest pain. I applied everything I learned in the course including administering oxygen. I took all his history and got his medical file from the clinic (which is where we were treating him), I utilised the help of two other first aiders.  

I called the ambulance  and he's now in St Vincent's, ambo's were very impressed! I know you said someone usually applies their training in the first two weeks but 40mins, that crazy. Thank you!

Illawarra Primary School, Ballajura (Department of Education)

Lexi Diamond, Registrar

We would like to convey our congratulations and thanks to our First Aid trainer for the course last Thursday.  I have had nothing but praise for her from everyone who attended. The course covered was exactly what staff needed and the presentation was done in a  very professional and enjoyable manner. We hope that we will never have to use some of what we learnt but certainly feel confident that we have the skills to deal with medical emergencies that may arise during the school day. 

Brightwater Care Group (Inc) Birralee

Cheryl Hahn, Care Manager

I was very impressed with the trainer and all participants spoke very highly of the way he presented the course. Much better than previous experiences he may it very interesting and actually fun.

As you could imagine most of participants were nurse like myself and my time to sit for the whole day is very precious but I enjoyed it very much and we have you pencilled in for the next lot of nurses that come due at the end of the year. 


Below is a selection of inspiring stories from some of our students who have had to call upon their First Aid skills.

Deirdre, QLD

The recent Red Cross First Aid course I attended is the best I have participated in by far. The trainer is brilliant at what he does. He has given me a fresh insight into not only First aid, CPR, securing an accident scene, bandaging, recognising heart attacks, but also an insight into peoples lives that have been traumatised by events beyond their control which in turn gives us a greater appreciation of our own lives and those of our family and loved ones and how precious they are. The most important gift the trainer gives is that of awareness and how to react. Thank you Red Cross - you are making a difference. Maybe through this, I can make a difference too, should the need arise.

Kerry, SA

When my son was 18 months old, he found a $1 coin on the bedroom floor and swallowed it. He was unable to breathe so I picked him up, threw him over my lap, pushed his head down and hit him firmly between the shoulder blades a couple of times until I heard a gasp of air enter his lungs. I am so thankful that I had just completed my Red Cross First Aid training course because it gave me the knowledge I needed to save my son. So thank you.

Joan-Marie, ACT

Whilst at the beach with my family, my 17 year old son was brought to shore by a young surfer. He was not breathing and did not have a pulse so I commenced CPR. After some time he began to breathe so we put him in the recovery position, helped drain his lungs and monitored him until emergency services arrived and took him to hospital. He was discharged after a week in hospital and a later medical examination confirmed that he had completely recovered from his near-death experience with no adverse affects. I had participated in a Red Cross First Aid course when my children were young but this was the first time I had attempted CPR in a live situation and it was a very emotional experience. It inspired my husband and I to undertake another Red Cross First Aid course and I have done refresher CPR courses every few years since then as one never knows when it may be necessary.

Gretta, NSW

The day after I completed my Red Cross College First Aid course, I got a call from the Head of Department at work. A manager had strained himself and was in pain. He was lying on the floor and experiencing difficulty breathing. I checked both his respiratory rate and pulse and discovered both were elevated above normal. I remembered a conversation I'd had with him three years ago where he told me that he had trained to be a fighter pilot but his career in the Air Force had been cut short by a Pneumothorax. I immediately rang for an ambulance. That night he was diagnosed with a large Pneumothorax. Thanks to Red Cross, I was able to help and after surgery, my manager now is breathing much easier!

Justin, VIC

My young daughter and I were having dinner one night, eating steak and chips and chatting about our day when she got some steak stuck in her throat. My First Aid training just kicked in and I picked her up, leaned over the kitchen sink and gave her three hits to the back which did the job. I am thankful for my First Aid training which I update every year or so. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency is the best thing you could do for your loved ones, work mates and even strangers. If someone asks whether they should complete a First Aid course, jump to it, I say. It could help you save a life one day.

Tijana, WA

Whilst slicing a loaf of bread, the serrated bread knife slipped I received a number of cuts down my thumb. I got my Red Cross First Aid kit out, cleaned the wound with Saline Wound Irrigation and used small sterile strips to hold the wound together. As there were cuts on the joint, I put a splint against the thumb and bandaged it so it would remain straight. Before my First Aid training, I would have simply put my thumb under some water and used whatever cloth was nearby however, by using the saline solution and sterile bandages, my finger healed very quickly with no infection or scarring. Having First Aid knowledge is priceless! I am comforted by the fact that I am able to assist a loved one in the event of an accident, doing everything possible to increase their chance of survival.

Trish, SA

Just one week after updating my First Aid skills with Red Cross, I had to put them into practice. I had booked a demonstration for a free carpet clean and when the demonstrator arrived, he was experiencing difficulty breathing and used his puffer but the symptoms did not ease. I insisted he call a colleague to pick him up so he could seek medical assistance. On his way out to his vehicle, he collapsed. I called 000 and asked my husband to get our son's Ventalin which I administered using the calming techniques I was taught. He spent four nights in hospital and later called to thank me. He was very impressed with my calm and confident approach which I attribute to the wonderful Red Cross trainer and his brilliant teaching.

Lauren, ACT

I was walking to my parent's house when I heard a smash. It came from a two car collision. My First Aid training kicked in and I went to help. There was a woman sitting on the footpath and a man wondering around on the road. He was clearly in shock so I approached him and led him off the road. I then turned my attention to the woman, placed my hand on her shoulder and asked if she was OK. It was only when the woman turned to face me that I realised that it was my mother! My mum had a head wound that was bleeding quite badly so I took tended to the wound, called an ambulance and sat with her until they arrived. Mum had suffered a cut to her forehead which required three stitches and bruising on her chest from the seat belt but was released from hospital later that day. My mum says that as soon as she saw me running around the corner to the collision, she knew she would be fine. I was on my First Aid autopilot, as I like to call it.

Linda, SA

A week after completing a Red Cross First Aid course, I was on a picnic with my husband, children and friends. Having seen his mum cut her orange in half on her hand, my friend's son promptly copied and sliced through the orange and into his hand. He fainted and lost consciousness. Without a second thought I placed him in the recovery position and bandaged his hand. He came to of his own will within a few minutes as if nothing had happened. The child was taken to the doctor who confirmed that my actions were accurate and that there was no ill effect on the child. I found it amazing that the First Aid training allowed me to react in such a calm manner as if I had been doing it for years. I continue to refresh my First Aid skills in case I ever need to call upon them again.

Scott, VIC

At a recent roller skating event, I noticed a man had fallen. I was unable to stop, so I completed the lap. By the time I came back around, three people were attending to him. They had rolled him into the recovery position, but things quickly took a turn for the worst. They were unable to find a pulse. He was placed onto his back, and one person started chest compressions and another was providing air assistance. I took over the chest compressions for two cycles and we rotated between four of us. I did the chest compressions, and three others helped with air assistance. The ambulance was called early on but still took a good 20 minutes to arrive. The man had suffered a heart attack but regained consciousness and was able to move his legs by the time he was taken to hospital where he was operated on. He is soon to be released from hospital after undergoing a second operation. If I, or some of the others helping out, had not had First Aid training, the outcome would have been much more dire.

Jennifer, VIC

I was on the train travelling to work one morning when a woman across sitting opposite me suddenly fainted. With the help of another passenger, I was able to catch her before she hit the ground. I immediately placed her in the recovery position, as she was still unconscious, and asked people to give her some room. She regained consciousness about ten seconds later and I discovered she was seven weeks pregnant and feeling ill from morning sickness. I helped her off the train and onto a bench and organised for some juice while medical assistance arrived. It all happened so quickly, I am so thankful that my Red Cross First Aid training just sprang into my mind and I was able to help.