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First Aid in the Workplace

First Aid incidents are often unpredictable and occur in all workplaces across all industries. Whether you working a high or low risk workplace, preparedness ensures you minimise your risk and are adequately prepared to deal with First Aid emergencies or in some cases enables you to avoid them all together.

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WHS Harmonisation

In 2012, Safe Work Australia launched the new harmonised First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice.

This Code provides support and guidance on different issues in work, health and safety and how to ensure compliance under the WHS Act. To date, all states with the exception of WA and VIC have adopted this Code although they are expected to come onboard in the near future.

Download a free copy of the white paper Achieving First Aid Compliance with Workplace Health & Safety Regulations.

How can Red Cross College help you?

Red Cross College can support you to improve your organisation's First Aid readiness and capacity to respond to First Aid emergencies. 

First Aid Training

Adequate First Aid training instils confidence in staff, ensures correct treatment and ultimately improves the overall safety practices of your workplace. First Aiders accredited with Red Cross are recommended to undertake regular refresher training to keep their skills up to date

First Aid Products

Properly stocked, up-to-date First Aid kits with adequate signage which are correctly placed are requirements for all workplaces. Having the correct products on hand ensures your staff can access the products they need to properly deal with a First Aid emergency.

Red Cross College kits are compliant with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) guidelines and are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. 

Defibrillators although not specifically mentioned in the new Code are highly recommended in any workplace or public space.

Using a defibrillator on a casualty who has experienced a cardiac arrest is vital to their survival. Chance of survival decreases by 10% every minute that passes without treatment.

Embedding procedures

Red Cross College is able to deliver customised on-site training to ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge suited to your workplace. On-site training gives First Aiders the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the procedures and placement of products specific to their environment.

National account management and reporting

Red Cross College offers clients a single point of contact for all training programs and First Aid products nationally. Red Cross College can guide you through the changes to WHS regulations to ensure you are up to date with First Aid training, products, equipment and procedures - making Red Cross College the ideal partner for WHS compliance needs.

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