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Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs

A group of 332 islands and coral atolls, Fiji has a tropical climate that makes it vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Cyclone season from December to April can result in flooding, landslides and disruptions to essential services. Fiji is also subject to earthquakes and tsunamis. Although it has one of the better performing Pacific Island economies, Fiji still suffers from slow economic growth, and poverty is widespread in rural areas. Recent political disruption in the form of a military coup has also seen Fiji's economy shrink. 

Fiji Red Cross is a leader in disaster management, and we work together to help communities prepare for, and respond to disasters through humanitarian aid and development programs. 

Responding to disasters together

To help communities prepare for and respond to disasters, Fiji Red Cross and Australian Red Cross joined together in the Disaster Management Partnership in 2005.

We work with Fiji Red Cross to train staff, make sure relief supplies are well stocked, establish links with community-based health and first aid programs and prepare for disasters (taking climate change into account).

Fiji Red Cross has a wide network of volunteers and is recognised as a leader in the Pacific in disaster response. The partnership is part of Australian Red Cross's long-term support for disaster management in the Pacific.